I chose the audio visual field as a tool to communicate. I love photography and filming, indulging in the visual realm and it is fullfilling to create.


Throughout the past 15 years I have lived and worked in Mexico, Venezuela, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Berlin and Norway. I studied photography in Venezuela and while three years in Hong Kong I pursued film and started Happy Eye Productions in 2005. Further I did a Master in Documentary and Society and a Master of Direction of cinematography at ESCAC film school in Barcelona.
I also have a bachelor in Innovation and Business Development.

This mindblowing journey to film communities in South America brought permaculture and green living lifestyles into my attention and my purpose is to inspire others and to give them the assurance that positive change is tangible and within reach through collective and personal effort.

growUPcity intend to elaborate green lunges of edible landscapes in urban areas. A place where boundries between people does not excist, we integrate and cultivate a new culture of awareness.

I currently collaborate with another inspiring startup called EC-Play.com